5 Years of Home Lead Gen!

2020 will see us enter our fifth year of business and I’m proud of everything the team have achieved; not only the growth and journey that the company has been on, but the individuals within the company.

Naturally there has been plenty to learn for us all as a collective, and many aspects of the service that we provide have greatly improved since our earlier years and will continue to improve in the future.

Home Lead Gen was conceived in 2015, starting from a small corner desk in the office space of our sister company – The Lead Lab. I used Google searches to find companies with a B2C product/service and created a small call list to get started. After securing our first client – and more importantly – retaining our first client, I was able to recruit and naturally upscale. Like any business starting from nothing, it was important to keep our overheads low where possible without compromising the quality of service by doing so. Due to keeping these overheads low, we were able to offer our clients an outsourced, UK based B2C telemarketing solution at a highly competitive cost. The company now has a team of 15 full time agents working across various campaigns, all of whom work within our UK-based call centre in Exeter, Devon.


Our business concept was to build long term relationships with our clients and work as an extension to their own businesses; eliminating the need for their own in-house lead generation setup and all the pain it can bring, such as sickness, training and recruitment.


We started off by offering an appointment setting service, but we now offer a range of other services including email marketing, SMS marketing, LinkedIn marketing for high net worth campaigns and data cleansing.


We offer an opportunity for companies to utilise telemarketing at a price which outweighs the cost of an internal setup (especially when building this infrastructure from scratch). By offering this competitive price, we therefore need to ensure that we retain our clients or replace the business we have lost to keep the business moving in a positive direction. Not every project we take on works to everybody’s satisfaction, and this can be for a number of reasons, including our clients’ ability to service the volume of leads we generate or a realisation that telemarketing isn’t right for our clients’ brand.


There are a number of different sectors we work in, including:


Renewable Energy

Home Improvements

Boilers on Finance

Domestic Utilities

Real Estate

Claims Management

Debt Management



Will Writing

Estate Planning



If you would like to receive a quote for a campaign, please fill out our form on the website www.homeleadgen.com


Written by Managing Director, Harry Booz


The Importance of Data Cleansing


Is your data holding you back? 


In the business world, data rules all. Working in marketing means that our database is always growing and being updated.


There is a simple truth: “We are only as effective as the data we collect and manage”. As our job relies so much upon the data that we use, we have all felt the frustration of trying to get through to prospects and contacts to discover that they have moved on or, worse still, that the contact details are incorrect. 


A dedicated data cleansing service, like ourselves, can call, verify and update your existing data set in an extremely efficient manner that will leave you with data that you can work with. 

Why is data cleansing important? 


Data ages quickly: 

The quality of data can deteriorate extremely quickly, and it is imperative to keep the data that you have in house in good quality. Staff can move on, we all change jobs. This is a simple fact and it can happen quite quickly within companies. Additionally to this, companies can change location. Whilst this is less likely for older and more established businesses, younger companies and start-ups may have to move location to meet the natural needs of their growth. Similarly, businesses can close. This is unfortunate but it does happy – you don’t want to have defunct businesses on your data set. Lastly,  companies do also rebrand themselves. This can lead to a change in web or email address or in some cases a change in the phone number and location. 


Poor data: Poor Leads – Harder to Close


Poor quality data can simply lead to poor quality leads that may be hard to convert. You could be missing out on a great deal of businesses by not updating your data cache. This has the knock on effect of making it harder for the sales teams to convert the lead into business, and this can also have the effect of lowering the lifetime value of the clients. 


Missed opportunities:


Data accuracy is key to ensuring that you are able to maximise every opportunity available to you. If you are missing out on some potential contacts, you could be potentially be missing out on some leads. 


Low conversion rates:


If you are missing key information, it can be hard to ensure you are delivering the message to the right prospect at the right time. 


By running a data cleansing campaign you can effectively maximise the amount of potential leads for your business. 
If you’re in need of a data cleansing campaign, please get in contact today  on 0333 207 0541 or email us at info@homeleadgen.com

The Five Fears of Outsourcing

Today, Managing Director, Harry Booz, writes about the fear behind outsourced marketing and what we do to combat it.





Whenever I speak with potential clients, there is naturally a fear around outsourcing aspects of their business to an unknown and unproven service. This fear is completely understandable, especially within lead generation, as this also affects how their business will be represented.


How are the leads generated?

All leads are generated by our outbound telemarketers, all of which are based in our UK-based office near Exeter, Devon. We can book face-to-face appointments into your representatives’ respective diaries or hotkey leads directly to your internal team. We can either work from a database that you provide us with or a database that we source exclusively for you.


How are the leads confirmed?

When our telemarketers generates each lead, the account manager will call back the prospect within 30 minutes to confirm all of the details given on the original call. The prospect will also receive a third call for confirmation on the evening before the appointment is due to take place.


Do you provide call recordings?

Yes, we provide call recordings for every call we make, including every lead and any missed opportunities for you to provide feedback on. This is very important for us as we are representing you and your business on every single call. In return, we hope to develop a long-term relationship, as we would build a process that allows you to receive all the benefits of an internal B2C telemarketing operation without the pains alongside it.


Do I have one telemarketer working on my account, or multiple?

Whenever we engage with a business for the first time, we look to start the relationship with one telemarketer for 21 days. If clients would like to continue working with us after this period, they can either keep one telemarketer or upscale to a larger team.  Each campaign a designated telemarketer working on your account for the duration of the 21 day period. As a result, our telemarketers aspire to share the aspirations of the business and our clients know they are investing their time and resources into someone who has become passionate to assist with their long-term plans. Doing so makes our campaigns much easier to upscale, as the process has already been established and the only requirement is training telemarketers when joining the campaign. Of course, there may be occasions when telemarketers will be unable to continue with your campaign and wewould have to rebuild – similarly to an internal set up, but in this instance-  you don’t take on additional recruitment costs, processes etc.


How do I know how many calls are being made?

We provide reports weekly or monthly to suit our clients. These reports contain information on how many calls are made, a full outcome report and the amount of leads generated. We can also provide additional information on request.


We work in a number of sectors, including:

Solar Energy

Air Source Heat Pumps

Boilers on Finance

Domestic Utilities

Estate Agencies

Claims Management

Debt Management



Will Writing

Estate Planning



If you are interested in discussing a campaign, please call us on  0333 207 0541. We look forward to hearing from you!

Short but sweet – UK Based, B2C Telemarketing

We over here at Home Lead Gen like to keep things simple and easy – especially when it comes to your business growth. For this blog post, our Managing Director penned a short but sweet blog post outlining exactly what our skills are and how we can boost your ROI.

Home Lead Gen offer an outsourced B2C telemarketing service.

Our leads are exclusive and can be set up in the following ways; face to face appointmentshotkeys or via a generated call back system. We can book leads directly into your teams diary.

The idea behind our concept is to build long term relationships with our clients and work as an extension to their own businesses, eliminating the need for their own in-house lead generation setup and all the pains it can bring, such as sickness, training and recruitment.

We are heading into our 5th year, and have experience in generating leads in the following areas.

  • Solar PV
  • Airsource Heat Pumps
  • Home Improvements
  • ATP Boilers
  • Will Writing / Legal Services
  • Investments / Retirement Planning
  • Life Insurance
  • Re-Mortgage

If you would like to discuss the above, please contact me on 07860846630 or harry@homeleadgen.com.

Why Outsourcing Telemarketing Makes Good Business Sense

In any business, waste is unproductive, time-wasting and just plain annoying. Whether the smallest fish in the ocean or if you a massive giant of the seas, frustrations can often crop up and be points of contention within companies. 

According to research, telemarketing is one of the most cost effective direct marketing techniques and it’s only getting better with age. When telemarketing is done properly it is one of the few channels to market that you can see ROI directly. 

So should you outsource telemarketing or get it in-house? In our eyes, it makes good business sense to do so – maximising your ROI as well as decreasing the amount of waste that is left over from recruiting in house. An outsourcing partnership with a ‘good’ lead generation supplier is way more effective at getting the quality and quantity of leads that you need. With a long, fruitful relationship, it costs considerable less than doing it in-house and here’s why: 


Do you have the guts to deliver? 

In truth, prospecting is the least likable aspect of the sales process. Cold-calling is not the biggest motivator for sales teams, and coupled with time constraints and lack of training means that they are way less effective than they could be. Yes, it may be argued that lead generation is not as enjoyable as negotiating or closing a deal – and this holds true in many different organisations – but it can be see that by outsourcing you and your business are assured of a steady stream of new prospects. 


Knowing how much you’re spending, when you’re spending

A telemarketing team inhouse means building and building your own telemarketing team with the human, financial and technical capabilities needed to do the job properly. This brings alongside it a high cost in terms of time and money. Recruitment, sick pay, holiday days, training all cost money. By outsourcing, you are able to turn this laggy cost into a variable and scalable cost that can be altered to your needs. By outsourcing, you pay only for the hours worked on your campaign (no vacation, holidays, sick days) and you can easily increase or decrease activity. 


Removal of the ‘waste’

Unless you are a lead generation, telemarketing team whose core business is to be on the phones then by removing the opportunity cost of activity that isn’t at the core of your business is probably the most beneficial thing that you can do for your business. 


Too many cooks 

There is no other way to put it. Advertising, interviewing, hiring and managing an in-house lead generation team takes time and money. You have to recruit, train and manage this team. If you outsource telemarketing, you are able to remove these issues and you don’t have to worry about staff turnover. Losing a trained team member can impact the effectiveness of your entire campaign and cost you greatly in missed opportunities. Outsourcing your telemarketing, however, means that you won’t jeopardise your campaign, or incur the cost of retraining. 


Am I too complex? 

Many companies argue that their business is too complex to outsource. An outsourced partner will not understand their business well enough to deliver a complex sales message. An effective outsourced partner will build trust by spending time and energy on training their team to understand your business. The outsourced lead generation team effectively becomes an extension of your sales team. 


In short, our advice when finding an outsourced lead generation is this: be picky, and really throw yourself into the campaign. The telemarketing team wants this campaign to work just as well as you do. A telemarketing team will be able to tailor your strategy to exactly suit your needs and objectives, and ultimately, give you the quality that your business needs and your investment deserves. 

If you’re interested in kickstarting your business growth and want to know more about how we can help, get in touch today on 0333 207 0541 or email info@homeleadgen.com to find out more.

B2C Hourly Telemarketing Campaign or Pay Per Lead?

We all know that nothing in life comes for free – however in telemarketing, sometimes the line can get blurry. Pay-per-lead campaigns at first glance seems great. A low risk investment where you only pay for success? Sounds brilliant. However – is it really the best model to reach out to potential clients?


Pay-per-lead is often described as a penny-wise, pound-foolish approach. It appeals to small businesses due to the perceived lower cost and ‘guaranteed’ results. However, it is never going to stack up against a bespoke telemarketing campaign that’s tailored to fit your business specifically and drive results that are specifically engineered for you.


What is a low risk investment for you actually means a high risk campaign for the agency that you have hired. If you’re only paying for what you get the there is potential that the company that you’re purchasing them from will just have pound signs in their eyes. It is extremely likely that they will throw all available resources at your campaign, focussing on getting as many leads as possible in order to cover their costs. Naturally, when quantity is the priority, the quality of the leads will be lower (even if you have stipulated predefined criteria) and the focus will be on qualifying the leads to a minimal standard – instead of nurturing your prospects and passing you over sales-ready opportunities.


Let’s say that a company charges up to £300 for a single lead. If they get you 15 leads, you will end up spending £4500 with them. However, they can take as much time as they like – with your sales pipeline drying up in the process – and you could even end up paying more than you would a fixed rate campaign for lower quality leads and business opportunities. A common objection is that any upfront fee is very high with hourly rate based companies – and you wouldn’t be wrong to say that there are some companies that charge the earth for the same premium service that we can offer at a far lower rate.


At the same time, pay per lead could potentially be damaging your brand. During any pay-per-lead campaign, the agents are obviously only getting paid when they secure you a lead. As a result of this, they tend to be more aggressive in their approach and focus efforts on securing a ‘yes’ during the call, rather than having a lengthy conversation which would collect some valuable market information that can be applied to the rest of the campaign.


One of the lasting benefits of an outbound telemarketing campaign is that we can have a consultative conversation with a prospect who is not ready to buy at that point, then we can follow up with them several months later. Pay-per-lead campaigns will either push these prospects into qualifying as a lead even though they have no intention of buying just yet – wasting you time and money.


At the end of the day, telemarketing should work as an extension of your business. You pay upfront for a fixed number of hours, and you pay the same regardless of how many opportunities we generate. We won’t stop once we’ve reached a certain number that we set as a target, we’ll continue to improve our pitch and deliver until the final minute of the hours you’ve paid for. Mediocrity has absolutely no place here. Our business grows when we retain clients for further campaigns, so this is where our performance markers lie.

If you want to know more about what we do and how we can help your business please get in touch on 0333 207 0541. We can help if you are in need of B2C telemarketing, lead generation, data cleansing or appointment setting.

How To Handle Rejection

I’m sure that we all have been there: you put yourself out there and then all of a sudden – you’ve been shot down & rejected.  It is the absolutely worst and can make you feel negative, upset and dejected. However, in telemarketing, rejection is a part of everyday life. It’s the dreaded sentence – “I’m not interested, thank you”, or it may be even worse than that, sometimes people can be really rude for no reason at all.

Working through rejection is a part of daily life – and these are some ways in which our telemarketing agents work through it when they’re on some difficult calls.


Don’t take it personally/don’t be emotional 

Maybe they’re having a bad day, or maybe they just got off the phone with another caller. It’s not your fault – it’s just life. Take a deep breath, take a quick little break and you’ll be alright. Always remember as well – professionalism will get you everywhere. Good attitude is key in telesales and business. Remaining polite and professional will get you places, rudeness and sass won’t.


Expect the unexpected – and the expected! 

Rejection just happens in all parts of life – it’s a natural and common part of sales. Don’t be surprised, it’s all water off the duck’s back! Shake it off and move on.


Why? Oh why oh why? 

No one can read minds; you can’t figure out what you did wrong unless you ask. If they’re not interested, they’re not interested, but that doesn’t mean the end of the phone call! If it’s budget issues or something else, it might be something that will be different in the next few months so would be worth keeping on their good side. If it’s something you can change easily you may be able to change their minds. If they’re not interested now, it doesn’t mean that they will never be.


Work Colleagues or Friends?  

Everyone in sales knows what it is like to deal with rejection . Scratch that – everyone in life knows what it’s like to deal with rejection. Don’t wallow in negativity – you can definitely vent to your colleagues rather than exploding at your customer. You’re definitely not alone and whilst talking to your colleagues your colleagues you might be able to get some helpful tips.


Focus on the positives!

So you have had a string of bad calls. That’s ok! It’s always going to happen in sales, you should be proud of the calls that you have won and learn from the calls that you have lost.


If at first you don’t succeed, try try again

Perseverance is key when if comes to sales. If you’re going to get the bookings that you want – you need to make more calls. Get on the phone and get stuck in!


We hope that this helps any of you aspiring sales agents out there – if you are in need of B2C telemarketing, lead generation, data cleansing or appointment setting then please get in touch on 0333 207 0541.




Setting Up The Perfect Environment

This week, our Managing Director Harry Booz shows how imperative it is to create the perfect environment to work in – both in football and in the office!


As a massive football fan, I have been watching the Champions League over the past week and, like many people, I have been left amazed by the scenes. I’ve looked at a sport that I love and have tried to draw comparisons about how this is relevant to how I try and run my business.


What has really caught my attention has been the way that two managers I have seen this week, Jürgen Klopp & Mauricio Pochettino, have built an unbelievable unity and team spirt within their respected clubs.


This has really highlighted to me the importance of building an environment within your organisation where people really buy in to what you are trying to achieve and feel part of the process. Those sets of players go over and beyond for those two manager’s week in and week out, and that’s because they believe in their managers, who have created a chemistry throughout their teams. They know if they have a ‘bad day at the office’, and haven’t performed to the levels that are expected they are going to be given the support required to improve and grow.


As a Manchester United fan, this has been highlighted further. If the foundations are wrong and the environment and culture are missing, then the results reflect that.


At Home Lead Gen, I have tried to create an environment where the people who work with me first and foremost enjoy coming to work, because I believe that the results will follow. Outbound B2C telemarketing, can be a challenging role and it’s very easy to look at a person’s performance over short period of time and judge them solely on that. Instead of the bigger picture and seeing someone through a difficult period and feeding their potential with support and ongoing training.


As proven with the two people who I have mentioned, it can take time to create that culture and environment, it can’t happen overnight. That’s why I feel clients like to outsource to companies such as ours, where the foundations have already been laid and the platform built, ready to build a project. It doesn’t necessary guarantee success, but it provides the opportunity for companies to trial B2C telemarketing for their business without taking on internal overheads.



Appointment Setting or Lead Generation -What’s the difference?

It can often get confusing in the business world – there is a lot of business jargon to sift through before you can sometimes get clarity. Hands up, we are definitely guilty of it as well in the telemarketing world. We’re going to show you the difference in this blog post the difference between appointment setting and lead generation; and what could be the most beneficial for your business. 

During any B2C lead generation campaign, we will speak to prospects within your target market, and pass you on details of companies who are interested in what you have to offer, but we won’t fix a time and date for you to follow them up. This means that once the lead is qualified, it is up to you to set up a meeting and for you to get them over the line into converting them into a client. We will work with you to define exactly what you would need for a lead to become a qualified lead. Using this criteria, both parties (you and us) can be safe in the knowledge that the opportunities that we pass over are genuine perfect for you to follow up to create a client.


Appointment setting differs in the fact that we would generate for you fixed opportunities for you to sit with the new potential client/customer. We can speak to prospects directly and can confirm all their details. Once we have the confirmation of a genuine requirement or interest in your products/services, we can schedule an appointment; by phone, face to face or any other method that you would wish, at a set time for your sales team – or yourself – to follow up and convert into new business.


Whether lead generation or appointment setting is your poison of choice – we can help you. Most companies do find that appointment setting campaigns work the best for them as there is a definitive diary entry for both the prospect and the sales team – which is the best back to strengthen the quality of the lead. The simple reason for this is that many people will agree to a further meeting unless they are genuinely interested! By putting your business directly in touch with the consumer, your sales team will be able to close the deal early, without wasting any time trying to get ahold of the right person.


This is not to say that Lead Gen campaigns are any less beneficial to your company. The outbound calls to consumers that you would want to be selling to  similar to appointment setting but if anything, this method of telemarketing is just like sending feelers out into the market and then your sales team would be able to create the link from the warm lead and put it over the line. For example, software companies offering free trials with their service might benefit from lead generation campaigns more as it prevents from information to be exchanged numerous times and limits it to just changing data once.


Either method that you should choose for your company will without a doubt benefit your company massively. If you are unsure in anyway how the best way to drive your business growth is – or even just want to have a chat about other methods that we can use to generate you qualified sales opportunities – call us today on 0333 207 0541 to have a quick chat.


Spring Cleaning Your Data

It’s that time of year that everyone is brushing off the cobwebs, shaking off the chill and gearing up for the warmer months of the year. Of course, a big spring clean is at the top of everyone’s agenda at home – but we think that it should also be at the top of your agenda in your business as well. Here’s why data cleansing your data sets could be one of the most profitable and effective methods of increasing your ROI as well making sure that you are compliant with GDPR regulations.

Poor data quality costs organisations millions of pounds each year in wasted time, lost opportunities & unnecessary expense. Poor data management can lead to multiple systems, work duplication and wastage with conflicting or inaccurate information for the same products, services or people. Data scattered across different platforms is a challenge to consolidate and manage. You can save time and expense and ensure your sales promotions target the correct people, with an up to date and accurate database.

Left untreated, data can quickly become compromised and ineffective. Data cleansing on a regular basis can dramatically financially benefit your business and outweighs the cost. We believe that data should be considered to be one of your company’s main business assets and therefore the maintenance of it should be one of your main priorities. By outsourcing your data cleansing services significantly reduces costs and increases your efficiency.

Currently, we are working with some great companies data-cleansing for them and they have been able to see the results in how accurate data boosts connection rates on all platforms and increased new and repeat business for the company.

The way in which we work is that we can improve the quality of your data within your database, to save you time and increase revenue. We can contact live clients, ex clients, active and non-active prospects and even competitors or suppliers or any combination. During this process, the database can be analysed to identify and then remove/amend data that is incorrect, incomplete, irrelevant, duplication and will the be able to comply to GDPR regulations.

We can definitely help with you and your data cleansing woes – get in touch today to find out more about how we can help on 0333 207 0541.